Earth Day 2019 Reminiscences

Parking Space Trash

Walked 30 feet from my parking space to the office door and picked up this trash

I’ll start this blog post with a shout out to a good friend of mine who is running a company called “Good Bumblebee.” Good Bumblebee ( is an online marketplace featuring products from “companies with purpose” that are trying to do good in the world. I’ll explain why this is relevant later in this post.

For me, Earth Day is a time for two things: 1) thinking about the state of our planet and, 2) taking steps to make a positive difference. Thinking about the state of the planet can actually be quite depressing. Almost every news source contains stories of species becoming extinct, trash polluting our oceans, natural resources that are being contaminated with toxic chemicals, et cetera, et cetera. I really don’t need the news for this type of information, all it takes is a short walk outdoors in any direction.

I work in a part of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex that is zoned for business. I’m not referring to a “downtown” type of business zoning with skyscraper buildings and a high density of people riding elevators to work. The part of town I work in is full of huge warehouse buildings with hundreds of docking bays for semi trucks to back their trailers up to. For example, Amazon has several massive warehouses within a very short distance from my office. Why is this relevant? Well, there’s a great deal of truck-transported cargo loading and unloading happening on a near-constant basis. Boxes are packed, boxes are unpacked. Cardboard, plastic, and styrofoam packing materials are in heavy use and large, industrial-sized dumpsters are filled with the waste associated with this type of commerce. Or, I should say more correctly, they are sort of filled. The North Texas region is often quite windy and, since most of these dumpsters are not covered, the contents are frequently blown out and into the street, parking lot, building landscaping, and undeveloped natural areas.

I often focus on picking up trash for an Earth Day activity. However, with the amount of trash blowing around the buildings where my office is located, simply stepping out of my truck when arriving at work sadly presents plenty of opportunities for clean up. The photos below illustrate an example of this.

Earth Day 2019 was another opportunity for me to participate in an organized trash clean-up event. As I mentioned previously, a good friend of mine is running a company called Good Bumblebee ( Good Bumblebee organized a volunteer trash clean-up event in a part of town close to one of my favorite natural areas: Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area, LLELA, ( Check out the event photos on the Earth Day blog post on the Good Bumblebee website. Did I mention there were goats? Check it out and you’ll see!